Tuning In Your Peace

In worship on Pentecost Sunday, we shared four testimonies about the movement of the Holy Spirit in the ordinary, everyday lives of people in our congregation. We shared how we felt a definite “pull” or “nudge” to start a conversation, to give generously, to challenge an idea or to stand up in a difficult situation. How does that happen?

I shared the concept of invisible radio waves that are in the air at all times carrying music, podcasts, news and conversations.  It’s difficult to believe that they even exist. BUT… when one has a working receiver and a tuner, those invisible waves carry the words and the music right into our ears and hearts. I guess the question then becomes, “How does one get a working receiver and tuner?”

When Jesus left this earth, He promised the presence of a new facet of God- a Holy Spirit that would be available to all of us at all times to comfort, guide, reveal truth and live life with us. I believe that each of us already has a built in receiver capable of accessing the whispers of God. The tuner is the tool that has to be developed to sort out the signal we’re looking for.   

“The job of a tuner is to separate one wave from the thousands of radio signals that the antennae receives by using resonance. Tuners resonate and amplify one particular frequency and ignore all the other frequencies in the air.”

That is the skill set that requires intention to develop. There are hundreds of voices demanding our time, attention and focus all the time. How do we even begin to learn how to focus on the one voice we’re trying to hear?

I believe it begins with the desire to hear God and the willingness to give some thoughtful attention to developing a sacred space in our lives dedicated to listening. We can start with 5 minutes of stillness- quiet listening. You might focus on the lyrics of a worship song or on nature. Don’t talk or even pray- listen. Become familiar with the idea that your tuner has to sort through all the competing signals and frequencies in your life. I believe God longs to communicate with us but our part is to make time to listen, to quiet the static of all our busyness and obligations, to open ourselves to actually listening.

As we make this journey together as a community who loves God, let’s encourage and support each other in this critical endeavor.  Pastor Dave, Karen and I are open to talking with you if you have concerns.  I’m learning right along with you. Let’s put our ears on!!           

~ Leanna Schulz 

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