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30/05/2021 26

Sermon Title: Stepping Out of the Boat

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

Sermon Focus: Peter stepped out of the boat in great faith when invited by Jesus to join him on the water. How do we, as a church and as individuals, respond when the Holy Spirit calls us to step out today?


06/06/2021 27

Sermon Title: Baptisms, Weddings, Baccalaureates, They're Not For God... They're For Us Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 Sermon Focus:


13/06/2021 28

Sermon Title: One of God’s Most Important Values: Sustainability

Scripture: Genesis 7: 1-4 (Before the Flood), Genesis 9: 12-16 (After the Flood)

Sermon Focus:


20/06/2021 29

Sermon Title: David and Goliath: Two Models

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1,4-11,19-23,32-49

Sermon Focus:


27/06/2021 30

Sermon Title: Deaf Dogs Get the Best Sleep

Scripture: Romans 8:26-28

Guest Speaker: David Woods Bartley


04/07/2021 31

Sermon Title: The Legacy of Benjamin Franklin, A Fourth of July Sermon

Scripture: Matthew 7:12, Matthew 5:34, Luke 10:30-37

Sermon Focus:


11/07/2021 32

Sermon Title: The Power of Looking from Both Sides... And maybe even Many Sides

Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-9

Sermon Focus:


18/07/2021 34

Sermon Title: A Year of Pentecost “Enlarging our Understanding of Prayer Prayer as Connecting” Scripture: Romans 8:14-17

Sermon Focus:


25/07/2021 35

Sermon Title: David and Goliath, And Bathsheba & Nathan ‘A Person After God’s Own Heart’

Scripture: II Samuel 11:1-15

Sermon Focus:


01/08/2021 36

Sermon Title: Jesus said to them: “I Am the Bread of Life”

Scripture: John 6: 31-35

Sermon Focus:

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