June 20, 2016

PPUMC Church Family,

I am thrilled to announce Bishop Brown will appoint Reverend David L. Samelson to begin serving Point Pleasant UMC on a very part time basis beginning July 1, 2016.  Currently Reverend Samelson is the Dean of the Cabinet and the District Superintendent for the Great Northern District.  In order to begin his very part time work at PPUMC, he will relinquish his position as Dean of the Cabinet while continuing to serve as Superintendent until June 30, 2018.

Bishop Brown and the Cabinet are doing a “new thing” with this appointment hoping it will offer another option for churches who have had long term pastors.  I want to thank them for their willingness to consider an ‘outside of the box’ process and then making it happen!  Reverend Samelson will come alongside me for the next two years and PPUMC will have two pastors – one very full time (me) and one very part time as partners in ministry.  A win-win for everyone involved.

I want to be sure and share one more critically important part of this appointment – Pastor Dave (note the name change!) will be coming to PPUMC with his wife Sonia and their daughter Thi (pronounced tee).  As a church family, we will have our first opportunity to welcome them in person on July 3rd at a Special 11:00 am Single Service in the Sanctuary to be followed by a reception in the Ministry Center.

Had an office visit this morning by a couple who were unable to attend worship yesterday, but had some great questions this letter doesn’t answer like:

Who is he and what is his background?

What is the time sequence for events since this is a unique appointment?

What kind of duties will he have? 

And my personal favorite – Does he drink coffee or like cantaloupe? 

Stay tuned for answers to these and more questions.

In the hours Pastor Dave and I have spent together, it is clear to me he has a huge heart for God, loves people and has abundant energy.  I need you to know that as the cabinet was discussing this, Dave heard a call that made him approach the bishop to share he personally, was sensing a call to PPUMC.  In my opinion this is a divine appointment and the Holy Spirit is fully at work in the mix.


Pastor Neal

For more on this from Bishop Brown click here.

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