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Today’s E-News tells about our A Mask for Everyone at Point Pleasant program, a collage of Palm Sunday pictures that you submitted and a number of other resources that are relevant and useful and/or something that might lift your spirit through this time of the Coronavirus. We have heard tons of positive feedback on a wide range of the resources that we are sharing (including things that you have submitted). However, it is important to take-in what you need — and feel free to leave the rest (there won’t be a quiz). This crises has actually drawn us closer together as a church . . . thank you for your part in helping to build community and connection at this time. It is nothing less than building the Kingdom of God.

Coming up this week for PPUMC:

Special Holy Week Series:
Starting on Palm Sunday we have been sending out a video each day as an eyewitness account of Jesus’ life for that day of Holy Week. These will continue through Easter Sunday. This is a great way to deepen our Holy Week experience, continuing to be unified as a church family, while maintaining social distancing measures. We hope you’re enjoying the videos! To catch up, here is a link to the website with the videos: https://eyewitnessbible.org/holy-week-series/

Community Group Gatherings (by Conference Call):
This last week we had seventeen Community Groups that connected by conference call. We have even had a number of persons that had not been a part of our church, who heard about this way of making sure that each person is connected with others, express a desire to participate (which we happily made happen). Know that there is opportunity for each and every person to have this powerful form of Christian community at this time — either through the Community Group conference call along with the weekly worship materials, or through the Open Community Group that I lead at 1:00 p.m. on Sundays. (605) 313-4464 access code 128198#.

Home Worship each Sunday:
We will email out links to videos of the sermon, prayer and the children’s time. There are scriptures, music links and other elements of worship that will provide a way to worship, find connection with God, and deepen your walk with Jesus. The entire worship service resources are also posted on the church website: ppumc.com.

“Coffee with Pastor Dave” (Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.):
Call in to (605) 313-4464 and use code 128198#. Join me for conversation, stories, jokes and fellowship. Best of all the coffee will be perfect . . . because I am not making it (I am famous for liking bad coffee). All are welcome to this casual and informal time of connecting.

Guided Meditation led by Steve Arnold – (This Friday, April 3rd @ 10 a.m.):
Use Conference Call: (605) 313-4464 access code 128198#. Steve Arnold is an ordained minister, certified spiritual director and Marriage & Family Therapist. Steve has worked with churches, seminaries and non-profits leading guided meditations. He is donating his services to Point Pleasant during the Coronavirus and we are incredibly grateful. No prior experience with meditation is necessary for this to be a wonderful calming time.

PPUMC Tomato Plant & Flower Drive-Thru:
During this time of social distance, shelter in place and “unnecessary” and “necessary” jobs, we at the Point Pleasant Community Garden are gathering tomato plants to distribute to our church family and friends.
In an effort to provide healthy produce in this time of need in our community: during Holy Week, the Community Garden will be providing A Plant Drive-Thru at the back of the Ministry Center.

The Plant Drive-Thru will be available on the following days & times:
Tuesday (4/7) & Thursday (4/9): 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Wednesday (4/8) & Friday (4/10): 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saturday (4/11): 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

We will have tables set up with all the tomato plants we grew for the church family. We usually ask for a donation, but this year, we want to practice safety for you and our committee so we won’t be collecting donations. Once we pass through this season, we will gratefully accept donations at church from those who took plants home.

We also have a generous donation of potted flowers from Ted Price. In addition to individual flowers, he has some succulent bowls and flower bowls ready to go. The flower sale is a fund-raiser to help pay down the Ministry Center’s mortgage. These flowers make lovely little gifts and who couldn’t use a bright spot in these times?

The plants are first come, first served, and we will work with one car at a time. There is no need to leave your car, you will find us with gloves, sanitizer, new plastic bags for your potted plants, and we will wipe each pot down with wipes before bagging them. Your safety is our top concern.

A Mask for Everyone at Point Pleasant

In our ongoing survey of you (our congregation), we have discovered the following:
140 of you either already have a mask or are wanting to make your own (see the pattern options below). 90 of you are in need of a mask (note: if you need a mask(s) and haven’t let us know . . . please do so by email or text — see below.)

Opportunity to make masks: If you would like to provide some of the 90 masks that we would like to make please get back to us via email ([email protected]) or by texting or calling Pastor Dave (707) 834-9958. Once we get masks to everyone at Point Pleasant, we will be supplying masks for local senior care facilities.

There is strong evidence that masks significantly reduce the rate of spread. The countries that have required masks (e.g. South Korea, Japan and Taiwan) have much lower rates of spread than countries that have not required masks. It is important to know that while masks benefit the wearer to a certain degree, their biggest benefit is that they prevent a person that may have the virus and not know it . . . from infecting others. So if more people wear masks, the rate of spread drops for the entire community (country and world).

For 3 no sew ways to make a mask see the youtube link below:

A simple, no filter pocket sewn face mask:

Ties can be bias tape or material cut on the straight edge. I find that 2″ wide material can be folded like the instructions above.

A filter pocket sewn face mask:

G.R.O.W. classes this week:
We will have three offerings via conference call.

Pastor Dave will lead a class on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. based on his Sermon from Sunday. To participate in this class, call in to (605) 313-4464 and use code 128198#. To review the Scripture Reflection, click here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW2HyGWmx4o To review the 10 minute sermon, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppp2gSpzSjQ

Leanna Schulz will be leading a class from her Lenten Devotional on Prayer from Psalm 23 from this week’s worship materials. Her class will begin Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Call in to (425) 436-6362 and use code 331754#. To review Leanna’s 10 minute teaching, click here:

Ben Harrell will continue his Thematic Bible Study class with videos from the Bible Project as well. This week he will look at “The Gospel of the Kingdom.” His class will begin Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Call in to (425) 436-6365 and use code 550792#. To watch the 5 minute video ahead of time, click here:

Updated 3/31/20

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