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Tuesday, August 23th, 2022

A Word from Pastor David

“For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ” 

Galatians 3:27

Hello Folks!

I spent the other day with a new friend, learning a little bit about his hobby.  It’s a bit of an obscure hobby – but as he was showing me about it, my friend said, “If you’re interested, we could get you started in it.  We’re always trying to get more people interested in the hobby.”

It seems to me that we often have hobbies or interests that we want to share and tell the world about. One of the first things people notice about me is that I am a Denver Bronco’s football fan. I don’t typically say, “Hi, I’m David, I’m a Denver Bronco’s football fan,” but because a chunk of my wardrobe is Denver Bronco’s, or the water bottle I often carry is Denver Bronco’s, people just start to learn that about me.

What if we shared our relationship with Jesus in the same way?  What if we shared about out church in the same way?  What if we had the view that “we’re always trying to get more people interested in this Jesus.”  

As Christians, our goal should be to let the world know who Christ is, and how Christ calls us to live. That doesn’t mean that we need to say, “Hi, I’m _____, and I’m a Christian” – but it means that our wardrobe (remember, Galatians says we’ve clothed ourselves with Christ) will start to let people know that about us. And from there, we can share the good news of how God is at work in our lives and community.

I look forward to seeing how Jesus Christ “fits on you!”

Grace and Peace,

– Pastor David