Legacy of Love

Legacy of Love

Meeting Commitments…

Empowering the Future


A campaign to pay off our Worship Center’s $1.4 million mortgage has been created and named the Legacy of Love.  Our goal is to raise $800,000 over the next five years which would allow the church to pay off the remaining seven years of the mortgage through amortizing those funds.

This campaign will have many avenues for giving outside of your current pledges including annual fundraisers, short term pledges (willing to give up your Starbucks’s latte for a month???), long term pledges, short term loans that yield higher returns than you may currently be getting, small group fundraisers, and potential building rental opportunities.  But perhaps the greatest opportunity for reaching our goal is through bequests and legacy gifts.

According to Pastor Dave, bequests and other legacy gifts have benefited many of our Conference’s churches over the years.   In fact, churches and educational institutions are the two most-favored recipients of bequests.   “We just need to educate the congregation on their options.”  And educate we will!

Throughout the remainder of 2017 and the first half of 2018 we will focus on one method of giving each month, educating you via guest presenters, sermon messages, church bulletins, e-newsletters, and the Circuit Rider.  You’ll soon be learning more on topics such as how to:

* Start the estate planning process
* Use IRA money for donations so that no one ever pays taxes on it
* Name the church as a beneficiary on your IRA
* Use your fully depreciated rental property to better serve your financial needs
* Use stock for giving
* Lend the church money and earn more than you’re currently getting

Our plan is to have our first presentation in early October on the topic of estate planning, trusts and wills.  We will keep you informed as our plans come together.  Additionally, we plan to hold a ‘Miracle Sunday’ shortly after the first of the year to celebrate your Legacy of Love short-term pledges, long-term pledges, small group fundraising commitments, and estate planning bequests.

Imagine, if you will, what our Point Pleasant UMC could do without the nearly $13,000 monthly mortgage burden.  Think back to our congregational planning session a couple of years ago that was facilitated by Greg Bergquist.  Some of the visions shared at that time were:

* Creating a local community SSP
* Creating a needs bulletin board and providing Handy Helpers to meet those needs
* Buying a church bus to get kids to Sunday School and others to church
* Forming a family Vacation Bible School
* Increasing advertising and marketing initiatives to promote PPUMC

Let’s strive to bring these visions into clear sight. Your prayers for the success of this campaign are deeply appreciated.

-Sue Navest, Legacy of Love Chairperson