Holy Spirit Moment

As we enter this year of Pentecost, we have been talking about the Holy Spirit and how it moves in our lives.  For some of us this is easy to answer and we have spent time building up our faith and our ability to tune in to the nudges we feel every day.  For others of us, we are still developing these skills and learning how to listen to those nudges and turn them into action.  And for others, we are just learning what the Holy Spirit is and desire to learn more.

Like Pastor Dave shared in his sermon about David and Goliath–God will equip us with the tools and skills we need to fight our battles.  The Holy Spirit guides and interprets for us–so that what seems impossible becomes possible. 

So where do we go as a church and body of believers? 

I would say COMMUNICATION is the foundation of all healthy relationships including our relationship with the Holy Spirit. So let’s start with PRAYER.  If we are going to tune in then we need to practice talking and listening to the Holy Spirit.  Maybe you need to go for a walk, have quiet time on your own, read scripture, or join a bible study.  For me, I have decided to pray at the Wailing Wall each Monday morning.   The Wailing Wall is up in the Ministry Center Hallway.  Maybe you have not gotten a chance to take a look or you were not sure what it was.

(a picture will be included) 

The simple answer: a place to pray.  You may not have time to set aside to be at the wall but maybe you can share a prayer with us or write a quick prayer on the wall.  We want you to know that each week ALL the prayers written on the wall are prayed for–those that are confidential and those that are open.  

Making this commitment to set aside time to tune in to the Holy Spirit and allow myself to be guided can be powerful— it has been for me.  Mostly, because I have learned to be vulnerable and humble.  I have gotten to pray for others in a deeper way.  I want to live my life in community–you are my church family–we are the body of Christ together–which I know the Holy Spirit is telling me requires that I pray for you–be willing to share with you–ask you for help when I need it–make sacrifices for you–and hold you up when you need me.  So there are no instructions or expectations regarding the Wailing Wall.  It is an avenue you are all invited to explore as a way to tune into the Holy Spirit and to pray for the community that the Holy Spirit has brought you into.  Let’s share this life together and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

~ Karen Frutchey-Snyder

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