Giving is an act of worship and obedience that reflects a grateful heart. At Point Pleasant, we have much to be grateful for. Your support makes our vision of Building Community, Worshipping God, Deepening Faith, and Serving Others a reality! Everything we have is God’s anyway.

Your financial gifts support the many ministries that fulfill our mission as well as operating expenses for worship, children, youth, and adult programs, facilities maintenance, insurance and utilities, and employee salaries.

We are blessed by the generous gifts of all sizes given to Point Pleasant UMC.

Other Ways to Give

Tax Deductible Direct Giving to the Church of IRA

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) When persons (age 70 ½ or older) direct their IRA Required Minimum (RMD) to the Church, 100% of these funds are not counted as income (and Itemizing is not required to take this deduction). The donation must from the IRA Custodial Institution directly to the Church.  Point Pleasant is blessed to have CPA Mary Popish, who (without charge) can provide guidance on how to take advantage of this type of giving. Mary Popish can be reached by email at

2022 Advanced Giving

For tax purposed your 2022 giving received before 12/31/21 can be taken as a tax deduction for 2021. For those who choose to give in this way – donations (online or by check) would go to 2022 Advanced Giving. Advanced Giving in recent years has been a great blessing to Point Pleasant, providing stability to our finances, while also allowing persons to ‘bunch’ their giving to maximize their charitable giving income tax deductions.

Donating Appreciated Stock

One other way to give to the Church is by donating Appreciated Stock. You get to take an Itemized Deduction for the Fair Market Value of the stock on the date of transfer without incurring Capital Gain income on the difference between your cost and the Fair Market Value

For any and questions regarding give please contact: