G.R.O.W. Current Details

You can still participate in a GROW class this week!
Even while sheltering in place, there are opportunities to participate in GROW. We will have one offering this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Two G.R.O.W. ZOOM Classes to Choose From
Wednesday’s at 6:30 p.m.

Class 1
Your Favorite Movies Bible Study
Lead by Pastor Dave

This Week’s Grow Movie:
Beauty and the Beast (2017 Disney Live-Action)

Zoom Meeting Information:

Meeting ID: 885 5828 5422
Passcode: 675387
Call in option: (669) 900 6833

Zoom Link

Join us for a new version of Beauty and the Beast. Five of the eight
movies we have “studied” in this very fun form of Bible Study were
selected by the youngest members of the Bible Study (7 children have
been active participants along with 8 adults). Lots to talk about: The
power of shame and the power of love, arrogance, and talking
candlesticks and cups. We have great clips so that if you cannot
watch the full movie, you will not be at a disadvantage.

The Movie Trailer (to provide the whole story):

Opening 5 minutes of Movie:

The Beast – what’s going on inside Song Evermore

Final Battle Scene and Abbreviated Ending. (Watch to 8:00 and then go to the next clip)


Class 2

The Bible Project
Lead by Ben Harrell
“Day of the Lord”

In this week’s Bible Project offering we will be looking at the phrase “The Day of the Lord”. A quick Google search lends itself to a variety of somewhat crazy answers. As always, we’ll refer back to the Book to delve into what that phrase means. Come join us! -Ben

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Zoom Meeting Information:
Meeting ID: 991 737 1393
Passcode: 0BpW7G
Call in option: (669) 900 6833

Zoom Link

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