Words of Wisdom

For that purpose Christ instituted holy baptism, thereby to clothe you with his righteousness.  It is tantamount to his saying, My righteousness shall be your righteousness; my innocence, your innocence.  Your sins indeed are great, but by baptism I bestow on you my righteousness;

I strip death from you and clothe you with my life.


Martin Luther



What is repentance but a kind of leave-taking,
looking backward indeed,
but yet in such a way as precisely to quicken the steps
toward that which lies before.


Soren Kierkegaard



Repentance is not self-regarding, but God-regarding.
It is not self-loathing, but God-loving.


Fulton J. Sheen



Man is a very strange animal.
In much of the world half the children go to bed hungry
and we spend a trillion on rubbish––steel, iron, tanks.
We are all criminals.

There is an old Hungarian poem,
“If you are among brigands and you are silent,
you are a brigand yourself.”


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi,
American biochemist and Nobel Prize winner


A holy life will produce the deepest impression.
Lighthouses blow no horns;
they only shine.


Dwight L. Moody



“Is it possible for an unbaptized believer to be saved?  Yes, definitely.

Should every believer be baptized?  Yes, definitely.”


Max Lucado


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