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Welcome to the brand new PPUMC web ministry!

Thank you for taking time to explore our church.



If you are a guest or a visitor, your presence is a gift to us.  At PPUMC we are not interested in what you wear, what kind of accent you have, where you live, or how much money you make.  We are only interested in your wish to join with us in worshiping and serving God.


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Point Pleasant United Methodist Church’s

Vision Statement:


        At PPUMC, we intentionally prepare ways for God to work a change in us,

        by creating opportunities for families, of one or of many,

        to be in community:

                                            to worship,

                                            deepen faith, 

                                            and serve others in the love of Christ.


          Traditional Service:  Sunday 11:00               Contemporary Services: 

                                                                                        Sunday 9:00 am & 6:00 pm

February 2016 News PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Floyd   

Valentine’s Day Tradition

     We love our College Kids and every Valentine’s Day we send them a box of love. 

     Please make a valentine card at home or at church to send to our kids (young adults) who are away at college to let them know we are thinking and praying for them.

     Supplies to make the cards will be available in the Ministry Center’s lobby and in the Fellowship Hall. We will complete the boxes on Sunday, February 7th so they can be mailed in time for Valentine’s Day.  


Sunday School’s Valentine Spirit

     The Sunday school classes for children and youth will be making and serving coffee fellowship after the 9am, 11am and 6pm services on February 14th.

      This is a great opportunity for our children to experience the joy  and blessing of serving others. Watch for details coming home with your child - we will need some help with supplies.


Fat Tuesday Dinner

     The Sunday School teachers invite you to dinner on Fat Tuesday, February 9 from 5:30 to 7pm, in the Fellowship Hall.  We will be serving all types of pancakes. There will be plain pancakes for the pancake purists, and specially flavored pancakes for the adventurous folks. Bring your family and let the Sunday school teachers do the cooking.  The whole church family is invited to this free event – bring a friend.

Thank You…

“You’re always going out of your way to lend a hand or brighten a day. We want you to know how very much you’re appreciated…”

Dear Point Pleasant volunteers,

     We would like to thank all of you that helped in the past year at Elk Grove United Methodist Church Meal Ministry Breakfasts. Volunteers like you are what make our Meal Ministry possible. We hope it has been a positive experience for you also. You are always welcome to stop by anytime for breakfast, to visit with the new friends you may have made, (and of course to eat). We hope to have a long continued partnership with you into the future. Thank you again for your time and talents. God bless you,


Ash Wednesday Service

     PPUMC is holding an Ash Wednesday Service on Wednesday, February 10th. The service will be held in the Sanctuary at 7pm and will be less than an hour. All are welcome to this traditionally observed service.

     Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, derives its name from the ancient practice of marking the foreheads of worshipers with ashes from the unused palm branches of the previous year’s Palm Sunday.

     But Lent does not leave us on the ash heap. It begins with Ash Wednesday, and ends with Easter. And Easter proclaims that, through Christ, God resurrects us from our dust and ashes!


Financial Picture

This is the 2015 financial picture we leave behind as we begin 2016:

ANNUAL INCOME:  $ 422,221

(through December 31, 2015)

EXPENDITURES:     $ 392,469

SAVINGS:                   $   28,576

UM Investments:        $     6,581

     The first half of 2015 was pretty bleak, and we had to face some serious financial truths. As is our way, we not only faced those truths, we dealt with them. The second half of 2015 was exciting to see all of us pulling together to turn things around. And we did it.

     Giving in December 2015 was amazing, and our income for that month approached $50,000. Al-though we understand that figure isn't something to count on monthly, wouldn't it be great if it were?  It's higher than average because a number of people finished their pledges at the end of the year making things look a little better than they are. That is definitely not a complaint, but indeed a celebration as we support ourselves as a church family.

     That said, entering 2016 considerably healthier than we did last year, we can't let our guard down now. Bills continue to come in to pay our basics such as mortgage, salaries, utilities and insurance, at approximately $32,000 monthly. That need has not changed and we must look to ourselves to continue to make our church a priority in our lives and in our budgets.

     These are exciting times, and this is a year of change on so many levels. Please continue to pray for us and for each other as PPUMC continues to make a positive impact not only on our families and our own lives but those lives of people we touch in the community at large.

  -- Lin Martin, Finance Chair