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Welcome to the brand new PPUMC web ministry!

Thank you for taking time to explore our church.



If you are a guest or a visitor, your presence is a gift to us.  At PPUMC we are not interested in what you wear, what kind of accent you have, where you live, or how much money you make.  We are only interested in your wish to join with us in worshiping and serving God.


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Point Pleasant United Methodist Church’s

Vision Statement:


        At PPUMC, we intentionally prepare ways for God to work a change in us,

        by creating opportunities for families, of one or of many,

        to be in community:

                                            to worship,

                                            deepen faith, 

                                            and serve others in the love of Christ.


          Traditional Service:  Sunday 11:00               Contemporary Services: 

                                                                                        Sunday 9:00 am & 6:00 pm

November 2015 News PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Floyd   

From the Mailbox…

  “Dear friends,

     “What a wonderful surprise to find a beautiful quilt and precious card from my church family in the mail box. Thank all of you for your gift of love. It arrived at a perfect time, (the Lord keeps close tabs!), as I’m scheduled for another out-patient procedure in the morning. (Drat those clogged arteries!)

     “I miss my church family, but am well looked after here at Ponte Palmero; another one of God’s blessings –

Love, Jane Hifner.”

Sunday’s Exciting High School Class!

By Carrie Harrell &  Karen Frutchey-Snyder

We want to communicate with our church family about our class this year. Besides our exciting curriculum that looks at well-known Bible verses and  makes them applicable to teenagers today...we are focusing on mentoring and our church community. At the Pentecost one-service Sunday we received feedback from teens in our church that they would like to continue the mentoring process that began for many of them in confirmation class. So we’re connecting our youth with mentors in the church who are willing to pour into their lives, answer hard questions, pray with them, and listen as they journey.

In addition to this model of one-on-one mentoring we want to bring YOU into our classroom to share from your life with our teens. Once a month we will be having a church community member come speak to one of the Bible passages we're studying and share with the teens. Are you available? Can you share from your life story how God has used a particular scripture to speak to you, or how He has shown you why a principle from the Bible is important? We'd love to schedule you in! We would love to have you come share with the teens from your life perspective – we have a wealth of experiences in our church family and would love to continue creating opportunities to share community with one another and enrich the lives of one another through sharing how God has worked in each of us. Please contact the church office if interested in helping out.


Coming this Advent Season   


      At PPUMC, we intentionally prepare ways for God to work a change in us, by creating opportunities for families, of one or of many, to be in community: to worship, deepen faith, and serve others in the love of Christ. 

     This is our purpose.  In order to more fully realize our calling, our church will be trying something new during this Advent!  In response to the feedback we received from you at our Spiritual Summit on Pentecost, we would like to introduce Adventure


     Adventure is a 5 week experience on Sunday afternoons, from 3:00-5:30pm, November 29th through December 27th.  We’ll begin with worship, followed by small group offerings for all ages. It is designed to be fun, exciting and meaningful.


     Morning worship and Sunday school schedules stay the same.

The 6pm evening service will not be held during Adventure, but will resume on January 3, 2016.

    Come and join us as we continue our journey to discover the ways God calls us to grow!