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Welcome to the brand new PPUMC web ministry!

Thank you for taking time to explore our church.



If you are a guest or a visitor, your presence is a gift to us.  At PPUMC we are not interested in what you wear, what kind of accent you have, where you live, or how much money you make.  We are only interested in your wish to join with us in worshiping and serving God.


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Point Pleasant United Methodist Church’s

Vision Statement:


        At PPUMC, we intentionally prepare ways for God to work a change in us,

        by creating opportunities for families, of one or of many,

        to be in community:

                                            to worship,

                                            deepen faith, 

                                            and serve others in the love of Christ.

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Written by Linda Floyd   

New Inspiration Garden Project

The Inspiration Garden Project is a new addition to the Point Pleasant Community Garden.  This project will be located next to our garden shed and will include an 12x10 foot pergola which will shade a brick patio with benches and flower pots.  This new addition to the garden will be used for individual prayer and reflection and serve as a gathering area for outdoor social and education functions.  To donate a brick or help support the rest of the project please click here and fill out the brochure and return by September 19th.


Adult Class Studies Apocryphal Books

     Ever wonder what is in the Apocrypha?  What IS the Apocrypha?  The Apocrypha is a collection of Jewish writings and books that are part of some current versions of the Bible, but not all.  For example, Catholic, Greek, Russian and Slavonic Orthodox Bibles contain some Apocryphal writings.  Some of the books have been included at various times in Protestant Bibles too, such as Martin Luther's, which is why the Amish include a passage from the Book of Tobit in wedding ceremonies. 

      The Adult Sunday School class which meets in Hein Room 1 will resume its exploration of Apocryphal writings beginning August 31 at 10 a.m.  We will start with the Letter of Jeremiah, considered the sixth book of Baruch, and then move on to the Wisdom of Solomon and other books with such interesting names such as Susanna, Bel and Dragon. 

     This year we will cover Israel's history through study of the Maccabees.  We are all novices in this study and any adults are welcome to join us on our adventure.


Produce Donations to Food Bank Ahead of Last Year

     The produce donations from the Point Pleasant Community Garden have started about a month earlier than last year, with 1,580 pounds of fresh picked, organically grown squash, peppers, eggplant and zucchini having been delivered to the Elk Grove Food Bank Services every Tuesday and Friday so far this season.

     Several families in the community and the congregation have been sharing their abundant harvests from home with the Food Bank by dropping off produce on Monday and Thursday nights, or Sundays at church.

     Last year we donated 2,250 pounds of produce from the Community Garden. Armed with knowledge obtained from the Garden of Grace in Livermore, the growing families hope to at least, DOUBLE that amount of fresh produce this year. They’re off to a great start!


Sunday School Kick-off

    We are looking forward to resuming Sunday school classes with kickoff activities on Sunday the 31th of August at 10am in the Great Room.  The teachers are so excited to start classes again.  Parents, come check out the activities and the curriculum we will be using this fall. Kids, your teachers look forward to seeing you (and your friends) in Sunday School!


Rummage Sale in August!!!

     What?  It is not February – so it can’t be rummage sale time – but it is. EGUMC has graciously offered to let us use their church again.  We have been so blessed with donations that the need for a second sale has occurred.

     Mark your calendar for August 15th & 16th for the sale.  Set up will be Thursday, August 14 starting at 8:30am. You can bring your donations to church on Sunday the 10th after each service, or if you have large items or a lot we will pick up on Thursday the 14th. Please come join us in the sorting and unpacking of the donated items - you never know when you are going to find a treasure.


Community Garden Open House

By Linda Floyd

     This is year #4 for growing vegetables for the community and the Elk Grove Food Bank at PPUMC.

     The Community Gardeners will be hosting Fellowship following the 9am, 11am and 6pm services out in the garden, on Sunday, August 10th. The Cambodian congregation is invited to attend a shared Fellowship with the 11am group at 12:30pm, before heading to the Hall for their worship service.

     There will be grilled goodies and sample dishes from family gardeners.    

     The Community Gardeners learned a lot about growing produce during the past three years, trying new planting and watering methods. A Sacramento County Master Gardener has been giving the growing families tips on getting the most out of their efforts, and a group of gardeners traveled to the Garden of Grace in Livermore to see how their Community Gardening is done.

     We increased our gardening family by six new families this year! The Community Garden now has plots planted by: Jennifer Damon and friends; Kathy and Ben Madison; the entire Peak/Smith clan; the Stendahl/Slavins; Pastor Neal; Vickie Campbell & Jeania Thomas; Ashley and Taylor Krueger; Celeste, Pierce & Jaime Schulz; Deb Holbrook; the King family; Carol Wheeler; JoAnn Floyd; Linda Floyd, and the Point Pleasant Preschool has growing space near the front gates.

     In addition to the family plots where families design, plant and maintain their own plots, (with the help of their neighbors) there are separate squash, cucumber and melon areas; a section with a variety of peppers including Point Pleasant’s own Ed Kynaston’s “Ed’s Best Peppers” (now being sold at Green Acres Nursery); eggplants, many varieties of tomatoes, standard and heirloom; and the orchard yielded plums, apricots and a few cherries this year. The produce grown in these areas are for the Elk Grove Food Bank and anyone hungry for fresh, organically grown produce.

     Come take a stroll through the PPUMC Garden, it is guaranteed to improve your outlook.


FREE Living Healthy Check Up at Garden Open House

     While enjoying the Community Garden’s outdoor fellowship on Sunday, August 10th, you are invited to have a FREE healthy living check-up led by Ben Madison, certified personal trainer. Ben and a volunteer crew will take basic measurements of blood pressure, heart rate, weight and body mass index (BMI). All participants will receive a handout explaining their “numbers” and how they affect overall health.

     The health check-ups will be done in private in Hein Rooms 1 and 2, and will take less than five minutes per person. You will be given a “results” handout which can be used to start a discussion with your doctor, add more activity to your lifestyle or look at new ways to create meals.

     Healthy recipes will be available along with exercise ideas for all ages and abilities, too.


Help and Hope for Khmer People in Cambodia

     Point Pleasant’s Cambodian and English congregations are reaching out to the Khmer people in Cambodia with funds hoped to be raised at the all you can eat “Cambodian Dinner and Program of Hope” on Friday, August 22 in the PPUMC Fellowship Hall and backyard, beginning at 6pm.

     Currently, there are two small villages in a remote area of Cambodia holding Bible studies at different persons’ homes on Sundays. They also provide English as a Second Language (ESL) classes Monday through Friday each week. The Pastor of this area is pleading for help, asking for funds to purchase desks and chairs for the Sunday Bible studies and weekly ESL classes. Our hope is to raise $1,000.00 which will buy a good amount of desks and chairs for the Bible and English students.

     The all you can eat “Cambodian Dinner and Program of Hope” will be held at the Fellowship Hall and will feature lots of fried rice, chow mein, egg rolls and cold beverages, for a $12.00 donation for adults, $6.00 for children under 10. The popular food is lovingly made by the Point Pleasant Cambodian UMC women and always sells out.

     After the meal is served, Savanna Thaing will give a presentation on humanitarian trips to Cambodia that her husband Tim and his cousin recently took. She will describe the need for study materials such as Bibles and writing materials also. This will be followed by a question and answer period.

     This special night engages PPUMC’s Core Values by bringing people together to enjoy a meal and do something worthy (Building Community); learning about the difficulties our Cambodian brothers and sisters are dealing with, while looking to God for divine grace and mercy (Deepening Faith); and it gives help and hope to two villages in Cambodia (Serving Others).

     If you would like to help with this event, please let Savanna know, or contact Missions chairperson, Deb Holbrook or the church office. Set up and clean up help is always welcome and much appreciated!


SSP Team to Lead Worship at Services

   You are invited to the SSP Sunday services on August 17th. Come enjoy the stories and see what we accomplished this year in Arizona. There is always something special that happened, and we look forward to sharing that.

    The SSP youth and adults will share their experiences, their songs and scriptures. The SSP group will serve refreshments during Fellowship time following each worship service so everyone will have an opportunity to talk with them.


Adult Mission Trip In Planning Stage

By Deb Holbrook

     The Missions committee is looking into assembling an adult mission trip to the United Methodist Committee On Relief Western Depot in Salt Lake City. The UMCOR facility in Salt Lake City features a 25,000 square foot warehouse that serves as a material resources depot to store UMCOR supply kits and allows opportunities for volunteers to come for five days to assist in the assembly of relief kits that are sent throughout the world. No formal dates have been selected, but we’re looking at early 2015 for the trip.  

     The UMC considers this a “Team Building Mission Trip” which prepares adults for future mission trips and work projects. If this interests you, please contact Deb Holbrook or the church office.


The games people play…in cars

By Linda F    

     Last October you may have read a story in the Circuit Rider about my grand-daughter Kimmi and her love for the “Guessing Game”.

     A few weeks ago, we were traveling home from church and we had Kimmi and Alli with us. As we passed the Albertini homesteads, Kimmi spoke up from the back seat. “Hey everyone, who wants to play the Guessing Game?” We all groaned at this most frequent of requests, and I remember thinking, how can I get out of playing without coming off as a rotten Grammie? I looked over at Poppie and he just shrugged; I peeked back at Alli and she was studiously ignoring me. So I said, “Sure, Kimmi, you can go first.”

     At the time I figured that she would take a minute or two to come up with the clues, but nope, she instantly blurted out, “It’s pink…” and we all shrieked with laughter! I thought Poppie was going to drive off the road he was laughing so hard. (You may want to refer to the October 2013 Circuit Rider for the significance of the word “pink” in Kimmi’s version of the Guessing Game.)

     In between giggles, I said, “I know, I know…is it Pink Pig?” Kimmi said “NO!” quite indignantly, my answer must have been sooo last year. Still giggling, I said “Is it a flamingo?” Kimmi said “Yes! You win!” and we all busted up again. Alli glanced at Kimmi and saw her frowning at our laughter. Alli said, “Hey Grammie, let’s teach Kimmi ‘The Quiet Game’”.

     I said, “Right, that’s a great game. Let’s play that one. And Kimmi, just so you know, Alli is the champion at that game. On one road trip, she didn’t make a sound from Santa Monica to Burbank in rush hour traffic. I had to turn around once in a while to see if maybe she fell asleep.”

     With that subtle gauntlet adeptly thrown down, Kimmi accepted. She is all for a game that she could possibly beat her big sister at, so we taught her the rules.


Rule #1: once the game starts, you can’t make a sound from your mouth.

Rule #2: if you make any mouth sounds, you lose.

     We had the countdown… “1… 2…3…GO!” (Unimaginative, I know), and a few seconds later Alli asked, “Grammie, when are we going to those kid movies?” I yelled out, “You lose!” while Kimmi just grinned. Alli replied, “I don’t want to play anymore. Now that I understand the true purpose behind this game and why you used to play it with me all the time, it’s just insulting.” Not wanting Alli to spill our dirty little secret to Kimmi, we quickly agreed not to include Alli in the game, and she went back to thumbing her I-phone.

     This time Kimmi got to do the countdown and we started again. Kimmi is very good at this game. I turned around to make faces at her, all to no avail. But when I accidently whacked my elbow on the armrest, a tiny giggle escaped her tightly pursed lips. So she was the loser of that round. She insisted that she wouldn’t lose again, so we started one more game, even saying it was the last one we’d play on the way home, so everyone better try really hard to “win”.

     After a few minutes I made a sound to even the scores. After all, Grammies are all about fairness. Plus, it’s hard for me to keep quiet (as Antonio points out frequently).

     Kimmi wanted to play once again, so I challenged her to see if she alone, could be silent for a few minutes, and we would time her. Alli said she didn’t think Kimmi could be quiet for 10 minutes and Poppie picked 15 minutes. I played like a Price is Right contestant and picked 13 minutes.

     Kimmi closed her mouth and the game began. We arrived home and got out of the car. Kimmi was silent. It was now 12 minutes. We went inside and she sat on the couch. It was 18 minutes and she hadn’t spoken. I took a picture of her being silent and sent it to her mom, saying “Kimmi was the big winner of ‘The Quiet Game’ at 18 minutes and still silent”. She didn’t speak or make a sound until we conceded the game to her, saying that she’s now the grand champion of the Quiet Game.

     I like that she’s taken to this game nearly as well as “The Guessing Game”. We’ll see what her endurance is for silence. Another of those road trip win-win situations.     

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Written by Linda Floyd   



'Little church worth finding' grows with Ministry Center


Pastor Neal Harrell in his office at Point Pleasant United Methodist Church.


By Mary Lewis - Citizen Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:26 PM PDT A new, tall building rises among the farms and houses that make up the community of Point Pleasant, about five miles south of Elk Grove Boulevard and west of Franklin Boulevard. To read more click here