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Welcome to the brand new PPUMC web ministry!

Thank you for taking time to explore our church.



If you are a guest or a visitor, your presence is a gift to us.  At PPUMC we are not interested in what you wear, what kind of accent you have, where you live, or how much money you make.  We are only interested in your wish to join with us in worshiping and serving God.


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Point Pleasant United Methodist Church’s

Vision Statement:


        At PPUMC, we intentionally prepare ways for God to work a change in us,

        by creating opportunities for families, of one or of many,

        to be in community:

                                            to worship,

                                            deepen faith, 

                                            and serve others in the love of Christ.

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Written by Linda Floyd   

Men’s Discussion Group on Prayer

     Men, are you looking for a group to gather with on Saturday mornings? Want to discuss aspects of prayer and what it means in our lives? A men’s discussion group is forming to meet on Saturdays from 9 to 10am. The location is undecided yet, waiting to see how many will attend. The group will start up on Saturday, October 11 and go through November 15, and drop ins are welcome! If you are interested, please contact Rich Kline at 916-714-5982 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " target="_blank"> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


All Church Work Day Coming Up Soon!

     The Trustees have scheduled an All-Church Work Day for Saturday, October 11 from 8am to noon. We will be painting the trim on the Fellowship Hall and pruning the Mulberry trees just west of the Hall. If you could bring your own tools, that would be great.  If you have any questions, contact Marilee Eldridge at 616-7708.


PPUMC provides Christmas Shoeboxes for US children

By Deb Holbrook

     It’s that time again, where Christmas wrapped shoeboxes start appearing at church. PPUMC’s Missions Committee is excited to work with Chiloquin UMC in Chiloquin, Oregon this year.  

     According to the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, “during the past 100 years, the town of Chiloquin, along with the headquarters of the Confederate Tribes of Klamath River, has seen birth, dispossession and decline. Today, Chiloquin has the dubious distinction for being the poorest town in the poorest county in Oregon. A quick drive through town reveals an abandoned downtown district and many boarded up homes. 

     “But the Chiloquin United Methodist Church has not given up hope, and is developing new and creative ways to be a positive force for change in the community. Although small in numbers – twenty people worship together there on any Sunday — its members staff the local volunteer food pantry and serve on the City Council” They also have partnered with Sierra Service Project.

     Our PPUMC teens served in Chiloquin two years ago, seeing the poverty first hand. What a welcome gift to have our SSP teens personally deliver Christmas Shoeboxes to the children of Chiloquin! We’re working out the logistics, watch for more in the November Circuit Rider.


Confirmation Classes Coming

By Linda Harrell

     This year we will have confirmation classes for those youth currently in 7th & 8th grades, or high school youth who have not attended confirmation class.

     The goal of confirmation is to prepare you to make the decision to claim the name “Christian” and follow Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.  This is accomplished by reading scripture, learning about the history and tradition of the church – learning the essential doctrines of the United Methodist Church and how they are rooted in scripture and tradition – finally by how we live out our Christian faith. 

     When you have completed the confirmation class you will have the opportunity to claim and declare your faith. Please contact Linda Harrell if you’re interested, at 685-6714 or

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The Return of "Trunk-or-Treat"

By Ace Benson

     Join us this year as we bring back our annual Halloween event, Trunk-or-Treat on Friday, October 31st. Instead of the typical walk around block after block with your children, join us as we circle up our cars, trucks, and trailers in the Ministry Center's parking lot. The children are invited to go from car to car trunk-or-treating until all treats are gone as the parents sit back and relax at their car or walk around together. 

     This is a safer way to let your children dress up for Halloween and get some treats, all while your family enjoys fellowship with your church family.

     Activities start around 6:00pm. You can get there early to set up your trunk with spooky good fun. Get creative, give the kids a thrill as they visit your car. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes for boys and girls, and adults are welcome to dress accordingly.

     There will be fire pits to roast marshmallows, and who knows, maybe share some hot apple cider. Do you have any other activity suggestions? Contact Ace Benson, at:

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    


PPUMC to Serve 2nd Saturday Breakfast In Elk Grove

By Deb Holbrook

     PPUMC has accepted the invitation of the Elk Grove UMC to serve at its Community Breakfast. Each week, the community breakfast provides a free meal for those who need it and a gathering place for those living alone, those without homes, and others who want to know their neighbors…a place where the barriers that typically isolate members of our community, are let down. It is served from 8am to 10am, and we have been asked to partner with EGUMC by taking on the second Saturday of each month, starting October 11, 2014.

     EGUMC provides all the necessary food, dishes and equipment. Our responsibilities would be to arrive at EGUMC to start the set up and preparation of the meal by 6:30am, with additional people arriving between 7 and 8am to begin serving the meal, cleaning and visiting with guests. Most of the work would be done by 10:30am, with the final cleaning done by 11am.

     We are looking for 8-10 people to serve at EGUMC on the second Saturday of each month for this worthy outreach project. All ages are encouraged to participate! For more information, please contact Nate Woodward at 916-544-7922 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Sign up sheets will be at all worship services, and you can call the church office for details.


Bake Sale for Shoebox Ministry

     The 5th & 6th grade Sunday school class will be having a Bake Sale on Sunday, October 19th after each service. We are raising money for PPUMCs Mission Christmas Shoebox program.  

     We will be selling our homemade cookies, brownies, muffins, rocky road and many more goodies to raise funds for the Shoebox Christmas project.  Come support this wonderful mission and meet Miss Linda’s 5th & 6th grade Sunday School class.


Mission Committee Tri Tip Fundraiser

      The Missions Committee is holding a Tri-Tip Sandwich Meal Fundraiser on Sunday, November 2 after all four services. All the funds collected will be used for PPUMC’s Mission projects.

     Tickets for the takeout meals can be purchased from members of the Missions Committee, who will have tickets for sale at services on October 19th and 26th . The meal includes a BBQ Tri-Tip sandwich, salad and baked beans for $8.00. On Sunday, November 2th, go to the Fellowship Hall after your service to pick up your pre-ordered meals.

Sierra Service Project for 2015

SSP MEETING - This is an invitation to all youth, 8th grade through high school, who are interested in going to Sierra Service Project or learning more about SSP in 2015.  SSP provides a life changing opportunity to serve others for a week in an environment that is God centered, hard work, yet tons of FUN!   If you are thinking about going, or already committed to going, or have gone in the past and want to go again, then you and a parent must attend one of the following two meetings being held in Hein Room 1:  Sunday, October 5 4:30 -5:45 pm OR Sunday, October 12  7:15-8:30 pm.  At the meeting you will discuss the sites and dates we are considering and get necessary forms filled out to begin this service adventure.    Again, please remember you and a parent must attend one of the two meetings.  We hope God is calling you to join us next summer.   


Tarzan Swing, really?

By Linda F

     A few weeks back, my mom came into the office, all flushed and excited, with a few tiny pieces of hay stuck to her t-shirt. “I just did my top bucket list item,” she exclaimed with a gleam in her eyes. I jumped up and cheered, because I knew what it was she had wanted to do for about 40 years.

   We had to slow down our chatter so Pastor Neal could catch up. It seems that my mom always wanted to ride in one of those giant hay balers that you see in fields around the church. I encouraged her to talk to her friend Harry Kneppel to see if she could hitch a ride. Well, she did, and jumped at the chance, when Brian, Harry’s son, had her climb up into the cab with him and mow the fields around her house!


     Antonio and I are at a stage in our lives when we’re talking about our bucket list of things to do and places to go before we kick the bucket. We completed our first one back in June while in Costa Rica.


     We traveled to Costa Rica as dental tourists. Without adequate dental insurance in the states, Antonio’s estimate for extensive work came to $24,000.00! We did LOTS of homework and a year later were in Costa Rica, taking tours in between dental procedures. After paying for the dental work, two weeks of touring, meals, housing and airfare, we still came out about $11,000 ahead.


     Just before heading down to Costa Rica, we met with Carl & Carol Rand who were in Costa Rica a few months earlier. They went with a tour group mostly their age and we were surprised to hear of the canopy tours (pretty name for zip-lining), hanging bridge tours (swaying metal grating suspended over deep canyons), and canoe tours looking for crocodiles and Howler monkeys. The one activity I couldn’t wrap my mind around though was the Tarzan Swing. As Carl described it, my mouth dropped open.


     “You did that, Carl?” I asked incredulously. He replied, “Yes, and we had an 80 something woman with us, she did it too!” Thus my mantra for the trip, “an 80 something woman did this, so can I…”


     Antonio and I opted not to do group travel since we had to make dental stops between tours. Instead, Ines, the innkeeper at the B&B we called our basecamp, hooked us up with some friends of hers, taking us on adventures that dreams are made of.


     Before leaving Elk Grove, we knew a canopy tour was on our bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to zip-line high above the Costa Rican jungle, from treetop to treetop, gliding smoothly over deep green canyons, spotting thin silver threads that turned out to be rivers and even some pastureland with grazing horses? But the Tarzan Swing? Not so sure about that option.


     So there we are, at this outpost near Avenal, getting harnessed and hard-hatted, literally. We were fitted with stiff leather gloves and warned NOT to let the gloves drop off our hands, they were our only protection from the thick wire cabling we would hurtle down. We had mount and dismount instruction (imagine me jumping up and grabbing the overhead cable and doing a chin up while a strong young Tico [what Native Costa Ricans call themselves] lifts me by the hook on my harness to attach me to the cable.) At that moment I took back all the names I called trainer Ben when he had us do chin ups in our workouts. And whispered my mantra too.


     We were the oldest (by decades) in a group of three other couples along with the team of Ticos keeping us safely hooked to the posts, trees and cables. One young man from Germany was familiar with ziplining, so he took the lead. I was second to the last to head out to each tree top platform, and sometimes the ledges were so small that the first few “zippers” had to move on to the next stop to make room for the last of us zippy people.


     When it was my turn to head out, my first obstacle was a vertical fire-escape type of ladder climbing 40 feet straight up a tree. My harness was clipped to a cable on the ladder so if I slipped off (a great fear when looking down) I would only drop a few feet and dangle until help would arrive. I was picturing firefighting Ticos with a ladder truck driving deep into the rainforest, pulling up beside the tree to rescue me. Yes, it’s lovely in Linda-Land.


     I made it to the top, just in time to watch Antonio zip down to the second stop. I think they call it ziplining due to the zzzzzz sound the pulleys make as you glide down the cable.


     We were told to hold our dominant hand behind our head hovering over the cable but not grabbing it, with our other hand holding the harness at our chest. We had to lean back with our legs out straight in front of us and one shove in the back later, FLYING! Kind of, if you were a bird with all your weight harnessed around your hips. As we drop into the first platform, we were to watch the guide’s hand signals telling us when to slow down by pressing down on the cable overhead. When I finally saw the hand signal, I pressed on the cable, slowing enough for the Tico to throw a block on the cable in front of my pulley, the second of three brakes in the system. The third brake was the Tico himself. He stood at the leading edge of the platform and stopped me with his body, swinging us back toward the tree. He wasn’t expecting me to come in that fast, the look on his face was priceless. I laughed out loud and said, “Yes, let’s do it again!” From that moment on, that third brake in the system was put to good use!


     We continued from tree to tree, looking at beautiful countryside and many shades of green. What about the Tarzan Swing? Guess you’ll have to wait for the next Circuit Rider to find out!


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Written by Linda Floyd   



'Little church worth finding' grows with Ministry Center


Pastor Neal Harrell in his office at Point Pleasant United Methodist Church.


By Mary Lewis - Citizen Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:26 PM PDT A new, tall building rises among the farms and houses that make up the community of Point Pleasant, about five miles south of Elk Grove Boulevard and west of Franklin Boulevard. To read more click here